Duane Zuwala


Old and wise.
Numbers are meaningless.
There will be no need for numbers where you are going.
To the Great Abyss.
In the Great Abyss, there is no water.
Only air and light.
The Great Platypus has sent the mole man to protect the world.
He will dig a hole, it will be beautiful.
In the beginning, there was the Platypus.
He sang a wonderful song and created the universe.
And then was Raisin Bran, and then there was the sun, raisins, Hah!
You must sell all your posessions and give the money to me.
We will use the money to create..."The...Boat."
We will then ride on "the boat" through the universe, on sunshine and fairytale.
We will use virgins for our sexual favors.
We will fuck all day, there is no "relationships", only men and others.
Women will no longer be referred to as women, but "Dishes-Doers".
We will also refer to them as..."Bitch".
Women will be forced to roll cigarettes for the men!
There was no crash, there is no such thing as hair.
You are not of to be spoken, you are not to be spoken-en.
You are the "Birth Giver" or the "Abortion Haver."
I shall crap in your hand and you shall run it to the toilet!
You will change stations, there will be no need for remote controls in the Great Abyss!
There will be no children in the Great Abyss.
The women will be in charge of children and TVs and they shall turn TVs on for children!
You will have your own special room, it shall be called the "Storage closet"
And the children shall live in the "Broom closet!"
They shall be forced to eat butterflies!
And we shall laugh as you are doing so!

That religion's just Catholic anyway.