The Curse of the Crazy Cigarette Lady is a song by The Amazing BrandO, released on Exit Mindbomb's album Happy Accident and BrandO's album The New Totally Radical Extended EP.


Just between you and me, I never thought that we would pull this off.

Just between you and me, I never thought that we would ever pull this off
Sure, she was a pain, and sure, she lacks a brain, but killing her was just too much
She's knocking, and talking and won't give up unless I give in and cough it up
A smoke, or a coke, or some bread
I'm losing my head
I just want her dead
Could you imagine
Peace and quiet
And I think I'm gonna do it
Poor, confused, stupid bitch
She never thought that we would ever do her wrong
Even though she's fucking dead, I never thought that she would ever stay dead long.
There's an axe in her head, but she breathes again
And she screams, 'cuz it hurts to die.
In life
In death
She wastes her breath
She shares her hell
And still, she smells even worse than ever before
She's a curse
A curse that still knocks on my door.
I'm startin' to lose it. But she just can't be stopped.
But that's okay, 'cuz my eyes are glazed over -like hers, whenever she talks-
And she talks, but it's more like a gurgle
But i know what she wants.
Should I just give her a cigarette?