The Adventures of Duane & Brando Episode 1 is an animated video that was included on the EP of Doom.


  • Duane as himself, Dr. Greenstein
  • BrandO as himself
  • Artwork/Animation by Duane


(Intro using the remix of the Sonic 2 boss theme from Sonic)
(Greenstein dangles a stopwatch in front of Duane, hypnotizing him.)
Dr. Greenstein: You're getting sleepy... Your eyes are getting heavier... Sleep...
(Duane falls asleep.)
Dr. Greenstein: When I count to 4, you'll become a dog. Hahahaha! 1, 2, 3, 4! Now, wake up!
(Duane wakes up.)
Dr. Greenstein: Did it work?
Duane: Woof.
Dr. Greenstein: Hahahaha!
(The door opens, revealing BrandO holding a gun.)
Dr. Greenstein: Who are you?
BrandO: BrandO. Who the fuck are you?
Dr. Greenstein: Hahaha! You're too late, mother fucker!
BrandO: Too late?
Duane: Woof.
BrandO: What?
Duane: Woof.
BrandO: What?
Dr. Greenstein: Hahaha! I'll get you too, BrandO!
BrandO: Get me, huh?
Dr. Greenstein vs. The Amazing BrandO
This battle's gonna be more than y'all can handle
Duane's been hypnotized, that's no good
Let's do this-
(BrandO shoots Dr. Greenstein in the head)
BrandO: Get this.
(Dr. Greenstein's stop watch falls to the ground and breaks.)
BrandO: Mother fucker.
Duane: What happened?
BrandO: Shut up, Duane. You been hypnotized, and you're a motherfucker.




  • In comments of the Youtube video, Duane says that he made the animation using Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker.

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