Super Mario Land is a song by Duane Zuwala's solo project Action Adventure World.



I'm going through the mushroom kingdom

I'm gonna save the princess bitch

I got my red hat red shirt suspenders on

Wait I guess I'm black and white in this... shit

I got my fireballs bouncing hit ya dead in the jaw

Take down the boss cause he's breaking the law

Kick the turtle shell... oh wait shit naw

They explode in this (Boom) Fuckin burnt my balls

Now I'm small, and running like I just don't care

Jump in the plane and fly around in the air

Take Tatanga down, Bitch I aint scared

Do you like Captain Lou and hit your face with a chair

(Chair braking....) Take that bitch


It's the goomba stompin mushroom poppin

Mustached man

Koopa Clompin Body dropping

Fireball in my hand

Run and jump duck and slide

To get the box on the other side

Braking bricks with my fuckin fist

Bitch I'm coming inside

Through the castle no hassle on my way to the end

Daisy went and got kidnapped again

It isn't Koopa but they might be friends....

I'm gonna whomp you motherfucker don't even pretend


(Oh Mario) Oh Daisy!


I'm not the princess I’m a bad guy bitch

Just wanted to get your hopes up, man, forget it

Either way, I'm outta work; it's time to clock out

You got one more level, good bye for now... see ya!


Its Kung fu land I got fire in my hand

For that weird jumpin motherfuckin kung fu man

If you don't like this track I guess I understand

But I get to fight Wario in the next land so...

Off to daisy I go one more time

Get your hands off her tatanga she's mine

Jump in the plane and fucking go for a ride

Shooting at motherfuckers as I fly by

Look at me way up in the sky

Collecting coins as I spit my rhyme

This kung fu faggot won't fuckin die

Throw my fire ball and hit him dead in the eye bitch

What the hell it’s a fuckin cloud

Dodge the lightning shoot fire in his mouth

As he crumbles I hear the rumble as the boss flies in

Let the final battle begin motherfucker


Mario... I hope you’re ready to die

My space ship shoots 3 balls at a time

Your aircraft can't compare to mine

You're never going to leave my castle alive

W- What the hell man, damn, who the fuck are you anyway

It's sad you never made it passed these game boy games

So I'll laugh dodge your bullets shoot your space ship in half

Rescue Daisy and go take a nap.....yeah


I'm here to stay

Right behind this controller I'll still play

Till the world is safe for you and me tonight

Day after Day

If it takes forever Daisy I'll stay

And hold your hand please stay with me tonight


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