Song of Storms is a song by The Amazing BrandO. It was first performed at A&G Ohio 2011. BrandO later released it for download on his website on March 27, 2011. Later, on May 2, 2011, BrandO released a version of the song in Spanish.


  • BrandO - Vocals, Guitar, Melodica
  • Arlette Resendiz - Translation asisstance for "Canción de las Tormentas"


  • Song of Storms (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


Go around
Go around
Man, I fucking love this town
Who's this fucking guy?
What's that thing, and why?

Watch him go
This is wrong
But he knows my favorite song
Let's all play the Song of Storms

First some wind
Then some rain
Then a fuckin' hurricane
We're all gonna die
Time to say goodbye

Holy crap
What the shit?
I am twelve and what is this?
We're all gonna die tonight

Canción de las TormentasEdit

Vuelta aquí
Gira mas
Este pueblo esta genial
Quién es el galán
Eso se ve mal
Que mamon
Pero toca mi danzón
La tormenta y su canción

El viento
Con Lluvia
Luego sigue el Huracán
Vamos a morir
Me voy a despedir
Sin correr
Solo soy
Un chavito sin temer
Moriré en la obscuridad




  • The line "I am twelve and what is this?" is a reference to the meme "I'm twelve years old and what is this?", which originated from a Youtube comment on a pornography video that was disguised as a popular teen video.