The New Totally Radical Extended EP is an album by The Amazing BrandO. It is a collection of his original songs. Some songs, such as Air and Bad Kitty, No! were previously included on Exit Mindbomb's album Happy Accident. Endless Relentlessness and a remix of Air were also included on the LP of Devastation.


  • 10 tracks
  • Cover art and images for each track with lyrics
  • Videos for "The Amazing BrandO Show", which includes a video for The Magical Mustache; a video of BrandO using his hand as a puppet, synced to a demo recording of Battletoads, and a video of an Exit Mindbomb concert.

Track ListingEdit

  1. I Don't Have Time For You
  2. Air
  3. You And I
  4. Endless Relentlessness
  5. Angelface
  6. The Curse of the Crazy Cigarette Lady
  7. Lose
  8. Bad Kitty, No!
  9. Take Me With You
  10. The Magical Mustache

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