Millipede is a song by Action Adventure World. It is based on the arcade game of the same name. It was on some websites as a single and a video for the song was uploaded to Duane's Youtube page. Downloads of the track were labeled as the "B-side" to the single version of Doogie Howser, M.D..


Duane: Kill transmission, got endless ammunition, splattin' spiders like it ain't no thing
(Come on!)
I'm full of ambition to complete my mission, Millipede is going down today
In my space ship flyin', ain't no denyin', as I shoot my cannon off into space
(For sure!)
Explodin' 'em into pieces, flowin' through the breezes, as the last bullet enters his face
Level up!

Millipede: I am the Millipede and I'm comin' for you
When I get blocked off, I multiply too!
Watch where you're flyin', 'cause I got a crew too
Watch a spider and a mole lookin' to explode you

Duane: It's gettin' closer to the ground now
I'm movin' up
Over to the left, down
Now blow it up
Bring it on now, spider, 'cause I don't give a fuck
Shit, I'll laugh in your face while I'm shooting you, punk!
You ain't takin' me down, no, no bro forget it
Yeah, I may be cocky, shit, yeah, I'll admit it
But the fact of the matter is this:
You fuckers ain't shit
Shoot up the last pieces and I'm blowin' this bitch

Millipede: Nice try, but now it's black and I'm green
I am the fuckin' Millipede and I'm crazy, G
Besides, why's everybody always shootin' on me?
All I do is travel up and down the damn screen!
Every time you think you beat me, I make it to the bottom
Reinforcements, you better believe I got 'em
Shit, that fuckin' bullets headed straight to my face!
Duane: Here's one for the road, and two just in case!
Good job, soldiers! Now come on home.




  • At the end of the video, it shows a Power Ranger at a Millipede arcade machine. Shortly after uploading this video, Duane announced a Power Rangers song.

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