Metroid is a song by The Adventures of Duane & Brando. Two versions were released: A demo version, where Duane narrated the song from a third-person perspective, and the LP of Devastation version, where Samus (played by Ally Lackey) narrated the song from first-person. Each version also has minor lyrical differences.



  • Ally Lackey as Samus on the LP of Devastation version
  • Duane Zuwala
  • Brandon Lackey


Droppin' bombs on this motherfucker, destroyin' this maze.
Samus Aran eradicatin' the Mother Brain in this place.
Fat pay, I'm a renegade, the top of the class.
Fuck around and get a power bomb stuck in your ass.
See all the space pirates came to use the Metroid for evil.
Harness the power for weapons and killin' millions of people.
But with a bounty on your head, soon you're gonna be dead.
'Cause I'll shoot a fuckin' missile that'll explode in your head.
Take notes motherfucker as I lock on my weapon.
Sentencin' evil to death, no need, to keep you all guessin'.
Watch your ass Mother Brain, 'cause I'm fuckin' insane!
By the way my name's BrandO, and I'm obsessed with this game.
I'll break down the roof with these power bombs yo.
Flip shoot repeat, I got the motherfuckin' flow.
I'm gonna make it to the room, I'll be seein' you soon.
My fuckin' missile-happy ass will be sealing your doom.
Motherfucker. Kaboom!
Kaboom! Kaboom! Arr, me bitches, kaboom! Hahaha... Oh, shit... No, kitty, I'm allergic to you!

Demo versionEdit

Dropping bombs on this motherfucker, destroying this maze
Samus Aran eradicatin' the Mother Brain in this place
Fat pay, she's a renegade, the top of the class
Fuck around and get a Power Bomb stuck in your ass
See, all the Space Pirates came to use the Metroid for evil
Harness their power for weapons and killing millions of people
But with a bounty on your head, soon you're gonna be dead
'Cause Samus'll shoot a fucking missle that'll explode in your head
Take notes, motherfucker, as she locks on her weapons
Sentencing evil to death, no need to keep you all guessin'
Watch your ass, Mother Brain, 'cause she's fuckin' insane
By the way, my name's Duane I'm obsessed with this game
Break down the roof with your Power Bombs, yo.
I wouldn't tell her what to do, that girl's crazy, bro.
She's gonna make it to the room, she'll be seeing you soon
With the missles exploding, she'll be sealing your doom motherfucker, haha!

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