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  • Duane Zuwala
  • Brandon Lackey


(Intro Music)

(Main Theme)

I'll take five at one time, knock you down in a row.
Dodgin' knives with the quickness and a kick to your scro'.
I got that kung fu kill you without thinkin' attitude.
I'll straight up fuckin' Bruce Lee ya kick your ass to the moon.
"So door igamo set say llamo Tamagotchi Ali"!
I dunno what exactly that means, I don't speak no Chinese.

One with my foot; (kick sound) one with my fist. (punch sound)
One not breathin' no more, now hear this!
I got that fuckin' Chuck Norris Texas Ranger attitude.
Straight up smack you like a bitch and then be laughin' at you.
You see this dojo ain't big enough for the both of us, G.
I gotta kung fu you before you fu me!

BrandO (remix only):
I take six at one time, knock you down in a row.
You thought the song was over, but it goes and goes and goes.
They took my ho, now I'm throwin' all of the 'bows.
We're goin' toe-to-toe, yo, I'm jammin' toes in ya nose.
In the rain or in the snow, I got the funkiest flow.
You don't wanna test me, that's fo sho.

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