Enjoy Your Stay, also known as Hotel Theme, is a song by The Amazing BrandO. The song is based on the music played in hotels in EarthBound. The song was uploaded to Youtube on May 16, 2011. BrandO also made a version of the song called "Cat Hotel" that consisted entirely of him saying "Meow" in tune to the music. This version is a cover of a video made by Youtube user JohnGotti0831 in Mario Paint.


  • Enjoy Your Stay (EarthBound)


  • BrandO - Vocals, guitar
  • JohnGotti0831 - Original Cat Hotel song


It's time to go to bed
It's time to go to sleep now
And it's the day
But I'll pay
And I'll stay
For the awawesome music
(Enjoy your stay!)

I think I'll call my dad
I think I'll call my mom, too
I'm feeling sad
And I just
Wanna get me
some more alligator
(Om nom nom!)


thumb|300px|left|Enjoy Your Stay thumb|300px|right|Cat Hotel cover (Video by [ MetalVikingGreg])