EarthBound is an album by The Adventures of Duane & Brando. It was completed and released in 2014. Most of the tracks were released on the LP of Devastation back in 2009.

BrandO has said that he wanted to make an EarthBound compilation because it was his favorite game growing up. He announced that he will be redoing the album, redubbing Duane's lines as Ness. This idea has since been scratched and cancelled as the two of them have reunited.


EarthBound is about a boy with psychic powers named Ness, who goes on a journey with a boy named Jeff, a girl with psychic powers named Paula, and a boy named Poo. They journey through strange lands trying to defeat Giygas, the cosmic destroyer.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Title-Buzz Buzz
  2. B.H. Pirkle
  3. Onett-Titanic Ant-Captain Strong
  4. Bike
  5. Happy Happy Village
  6. Runaway 5
  7. Threed-Winters
  8. Saturn Valley
  9. The Maze
  10. Pokey Means Business


  • According to an image posted on Duane and BrandO's Myspace page, the EarthBound compilation would originally had at least 19 songs planned. The image was posted as an update during the production of the LP of Devastation. Songs that were included in this image that were not included with the LP are: Bike-Paula (Bike was released), Dalaam, Dungeon Man, Dusty Dunes Desert, Enjoy Your Stay (the hotel music), Fourside-Moonside, Giygas, Master Belch, Peaceful Rest Valley-Happy Happy, Runaway 5 @ Chaos Theater, Summers-Scaraba, Threed 2, and Twoson.
  • The folder for the EarthBound compilation is not labeled as EarthBound. Instead, the filename reads "(@_@)".
  • Shortly after their reunion in 2012, the band released Happy Happy Village and Runaway 5, both songs from the Earthbound LP.
  • Even though most of the tracks were made back in 2009, and then the rest were completed in 2012, the album was not released until 2014.