Brandon Lackey (known as BrandO, or as his stage name The Amazing BrandO) is a musician that makes up half of the group The Adventures of Duane & Brando. He has his own solo project, The Amazing BrandO. BrandO also had a solo project entitled Exit Mindbomb.


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BrandO, as a cactus.

  • BrandO's family members often appear in his music; Jordan Lackey played Jojo the Red Mage and Bikke the Pirate in Final Fantasy, Ally Lackey played Samus Aran in Metroid, and BrandO's mom played Matoya in Final Fantasy.
  • BrandO has been portrayed as a cactus wearing sunglasses on the cover of the LP of Devastation (the cover by Alex Keswick). This is because BrandO's true form cannot be interpreted properly by the human eye, only cats..

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