Bad Kitty, No! is a song by The Amazing BrandO, released on Exit Mindbomb's album Happy Accident and BrandO's album The New Totally Radical Extended EP.


Bad kitty, no
Go outside
You peed on the floor for the last time!
Thats a bad kitty no
Go outside
You peed on the floor for the last time!
Bashing my head on the wall
It's better to say nothing at all than to say what means the most to me (Liar)
Misunderstood until death
I'm a thorn in your side until your last breath 'cos you broke the rule of secrecy (Liar)
The names BrandO
And I'm the captain of the ship wreck, never takin' disrespect
A straight spectacle
Biomechanical mind, hittin' you in the testicles through your ear drums
I'm coming up too quick
I switch it up at the drop of a hat leavin' your mind flipped
I don't know why I'm feeling the need to bust a flow
It's okay though, 'cos thats just how I'm feeling, you know
How 'bout I go and add some guitar into the mix just for shits and giggles
Wiggle it around a little bit
and then I end it right before you get the chance to rock out
It's UNrock, baby.
Nobody cares what you think
I'll cut off your words before you can blink 'cos you lie to everyone you know (Liar)
Lying and causing a scene
The truth is a mess, I know what you mean, but the deepest lies disguise the most (Liar)