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Adventuria is a fan-run forum for all fans of Duane and BrandO.

Re-created and administrated by BrandO, the forums were re-created again when BrandO realized the old forum is completely dead and there's no saving it..

The ForumsEdit

The forums are a place where everything happens! This is one of the first places that updates and announcements concerning DnB, tour dates and locations, new songs, and new merch will pop up.

Other topics are also discussed on the forums, such as artwork, tv and movies, general conversation, forum games, etc.

BrandO occasionally comes by to the forums.

The Ajax ChatEdit

Central to the forum, the chat is where most people spend their time.

At one point in time you used to be able to listen to DJ Skambrent's Awesome DJ Show while chatting. It is stated that it will not return any time soon.

The ArcadeEdit

In the new recreation of the forums, the arcade makes it's amazing return! There are a good selection of games to play, such as a flash version of the game Donkey Kong, and the 7up Pinball game. Members frequently play the games and try to claim the high scores in their favorites.

The PastEdit

There were several incarnations of the forum in the past. The most successful was created and administered by Seth, but it was closed down when he and BrandO parted ways. BrandO created his own website with forum and chat, oriented around his solo project, and it too was quite successful before he removed it due to drama. The most recent forum was created and administered by Runando, and although that iteration was quite successful for a month or two, the activity quickly died and it now sits there collecting digital dust.